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I'll always show this deck to anyone who asks, but for those wondering here is the current format of my Solo Wizard.  It is a generally fast deck and a consistent damage dealer capable of wrecking most decks before they can even set up. This deck has also set the record for All-Time Highest Rating on the server multiple times. Most recently it has reached 4594.


Classes: 1

Weapons: 10
2 Crystal Sword
4 Cursed Scepter
4 Pentacle Wand

Artifacts: 2
2 Soulbound Phylactery

Spells: 26
1 Apocalypse
4 Armageddon
4 Chain Lightning
2 Earthquake
2 Extinction
2 Ghurnoth's Wisdom
4 Howl of Terror
2 Life Drain
4 Madness
1 Summon Gravekeeper

Trinkets: 2
2 Amulet of Deceit

Sidedeck: 15
3 Dabble
4 Paralysis
4 Orange Gem Wand
4 Nightmare Bag

The Sidedeck:

While we can only use it on an occasional best of 3 (or in tournaments) the sidedeck is generally there to help defeat Wizard's biggest nemesis; SorcererNightmare Bag is a good swap for Chain Lightning against those pesky casters while Paralysis & Dabble are amazing ways to prevent your 4-6 power weapons from being blocked.  Orange Gem Wand has some use versus D'harkes Orb but it is mostly there for decks that can deal 1 damage to all items or at least weapons (Monk with Djinn's Faith).