For those of you looking for an effective Rogue, here is my version which has reached a legit rating of 4554 in ranked play. The premise revolves around using the unpreventable damage aspect of Rogue, but in the form of Poison and Artifacts in order to create turns of seemingly burst damage instead of relying on simple brute force such as Dual Daggers.


Classes: 1

Weapons: 8
4 Firecracker Blade
4 Stalker's Blade

Artifacts: 3
2 Time Bomb
1 Death Cap Blend

Abilities: 29
4 Aquatofani Spirit
3 Detection
3 Evasion
4 Ghostly Strike
4 Impact Back / Complete Deflect
1 Last Gasp
4 Shadow Approach
4 Sidestep
1 Stalk
1 Vanish

Sidedeck: 15
4 Raining Shurikens
4 Shady Proposition
3 Shunt Sword
4 Stealth

The Sidedeck:

When it comes to a Rogue's sidedeck there are a few weaknesses that need to be covered; other Rogues, Healers and decks without Strikes. Raining Shurikens are generally nice for getting rid of 1 resistance weapons, artifacts & trinkets while Shady Proposition is a unique counter, especially nice again Summon Demelza. Shunt Sword is just a classic anti Rogue (and Monk) weapon while Stealth is great against Redemption decks as well as Paladins.