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I'll always show my decks to anyone who asks, but for those wondering here is the current format of my Lockout. The purpose of this deck is to remove your opponent's class and prevent them from re-equipping it, thus rendering all their cards useless. As of right now it is a deck capable of surpassing a rating of 4400 and is a thorn in the side to much of the community despite the fact that it is easily countered by defensive morphs such as Belathoran Mine.

It is possible to make a Lockout deck without Very Rares, however you need to find ways to destroy and remove weapons. Some simple solutions include Magnetized Amulet and attacking with a Spear (usually after preventing your opponent from attacking) or finding a way into Monk and using Zhian's Disarm followed by a weapon such as Boomerang to deal with any remaining armors with retaliation.


Classes: 1

Weapons: 4
4 Iron Mace

Artifacts: 3
2 Calicos Creed
1 Monolit Orb

Armors: 1
1 Heal Wrap

Abilities: 14
4 Ambush
4 Cartography
2 Distraction
4 Suppression

Spells: 14
4 Freeze
4 Recede
4 Quick Study
2 Ultimatum

Trinkets: 4
2 Philosopher's Stone
2 Sapphire Amulet

Sidedeck: 15
4 Bhadda Orb
4 Counter Spell
3 Monolit Orb
4 Pacifism

The Sidedeck:

This Sidedeck is fairly simple; Counter Spell for pesky spells, Pacifism for pesky abilities. Bhadda Orb as well as Monolit Orb are an interesting counter for when fighting Sorcerers.