Comparison TableEdit


Rank Average Card Example
Weapon Strength: 1 of 8 Runesword
Armor Strength: 4 of 8 Wisdom Robe
Action Phase: 4 of 8 Summon Orcs
Defensive Spells/Abilities: 8 of 8 Energy Leak
Card Draw: 8 of 8 Blast of Wisdom

Rankings encompass overall strengths of each class in a given category in an overall sense, meaning that power/ retaliation, damage, defense and any additional effects are all considered in determining each classes rank in each category.

Rankings are based on x out of 8, to compare each class in relation with the other 7 classes directly, with 1 being the lowest rank and 8 being the highest rank, (Ex. the Gladiator has the best weapons and armor overall out of all 8 classes, considering all factors listed above, so they score an 8 of 8 in both categories).

Specialty: Defensive Countering and Card Draw MasterEdit

The cerebral class of Ederon. The Sorcerer can draw big in every phase of the game, and often draws as a side benefit to already solid card options. Weapons are of 2 main varieties, various wands which often cannot block for the offensive minded player, and an assortment of small blocking weapons for a more defensive game plan in which the Sorcerer thrives. Though armor options are limited, cards such as Wisdom Robe and Enlightened Robe provide solid cover. On the offensive spell phase, you have enough 3 damage options to maintain a steady barrage of damage while mixing in spells like Fury of Nature, Equalize and Last Stand to keep your opponent at bay. On defense, nobody can stand toe to toe with the shear countering ability that this class wields with ease, but its the uber-card draw that Sorcerers enjoy however, is the true strength of this class. Card draw makes everything that they do so much better, as they can cycle through their deck quickly to find the right solutions to whatever their battle may call for. While they may lack some of the amazing individual cards of some classes, what they lack in quality, they more than make up for in quantity. Where other classes may use a big 5 damage weapon or attack spell/ability, the Sorcerer can defend those attacks, counter with consistent damage of their own, and use card draw and Summon Gollir recursion to constantly keep their hand filled with the appropriate cards needed for any given battle type they find themselves in, often drawing the battle out to a longer end game in which the Sorcerer has few equals.

Spotlight: Sorcerer CardsEdit

One of the best Transmute cards in the game, this card synergizes quite well by turning Sorcerer's constant discarding into additional card draw.

Sorcerer seems to have an answer for every contingency, and Equalize is a nightmare for any field options your opponent is depending on.

Fury of nature
A solid 2 damage while shutting down your opponent's Action Phase is like a free turn against many classes.

Gift of K
One of the best non VR drawing cards. Drawing 3 cards comes with a price - your opponent also draws one.

Last stand
Best end game card in the game. Perfect compliment to Sorcerer's draw down and defensive game strategy.

Most consider this the best non VR card in the game, and with good reason. You can play and re-play your cards with ease.
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