General overview Edit

Each player starts with a starting deck of the selected class. New deck is built in "Decks" tab. Below is a screenshot of "Decks" tab.



1 - search area: helps to find needed card for the deck much faster than by scrolling down, also a player can sort cards by class, rarity, type, etc.

2 - box with cards available for the player

3 - box with cards in deck

4 - box with cards in sidedeck (usable only in "best of three" PvP matches)

5 - name of current deck. By clicking on the yellow arrow after deck's name a player can chose "New deck" to create new deck if a player has free puzzle box

6 - here a player selects what to do with the deck - "save", "delete", "rename", "save as draft", "save new", "export txt"

7 - number of puzzle boxes used (2 in the screenshot) and total (8 in screenshot)

8 - confirm button (do not forget to save your deck changes before leaving "Decks" tab)

9 - number of cards in "Deck" (box 3 in the screenshot)

10 - number of cards in "Sidedeck" (box 4 in the screenshot)

11 - classes used in deck: K - knight, G - gladiator, P - paladin, M - monk, H - hunter, R - rogue, S - sorcerer, W - wizard, none - apprentice

Limitations Edit

  1. A player needs free puzzle box to create new deck. Puzzle boxes can be purchased in Shop.
  2. Deck can not have less than 40 cards (not including class cards)
  3. Deck can not have more than 60 cards (not including class cards).
  4. Sidedeck can not have more than 15 cards.
  5. Max copies of one card is 4 in deck (together with sidedeck).
  6. Max classes in deck is 3 classes.

Draft decks Edit

Draft decks are decks which can be created without any limitations (see above).

Draft decks can not be used in rating and tourney matches. These decks can be used in friendly matches.

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