Comparison TableEdit


Rank Average Card Example
Weapon Strength: 3 of 8 Katana
Armor Strength: 1 of 8 Quigleaf Cloak
Action Phase: 7 of 8 Shadow Approach
Defensive Spells/Abilities: 7 of 8 Impact Back
Card Draw: 1 of 8 Dark Choker

Rankings encompass overall strengths of each class in a given category in an overall sense, meaning that power/ retaliation, damage, defense and any additional effects are all considered in determining each classes rank in each category.

Rankings are based on x out of 8, to compare each class in relation with the other 7 classes directly, with 1 being the lowest rank and 8 being the highest rank, (Ex. the Gladiator has the best weapons and armor overall out of all 8 classes, considering all factors listed above, so they score an 8 of 8 in both categories).

Specialty: Offensive Attack Ability and Defensive Retaliation Damage MasterEdit

The Rogue is one of the most popular classes in Ederon, and with good reason. Good weapons with fast strike means 2 to 3 damage from the attack phase along with the ability to weapon block your opponent’s weapon strikes. This combines well with their strength in attack abilities, with most of their attack abilities hitting for 4 to 5 damage you can consistently deal a potential 8 points of damage per turn. Extremely aggressive, this high risk, high reward class not only deals damage effectively from both offensive phases, but also hits hard from the defensive phase as well, with even the limited armor available in Quigleaf Cloak getting in on the action and dealing damage as well. Because of their high use of cards in all three phases of the game, (Attack Phase, Action Phase and Defensive Phase), and their lack of decent card drawings abilities, the Rogue’s hand size will dwindle very quickly with each damaging blow. Thus, their game plan is summed up in the saying, “The best defense is a good offense”, the Rogue wants to hit hard and fast, leaving nothing in the storage tank for a long drawn out battle.

Spotlight: Rogue CardsEdit

Reducing any attack to 0 and instead taking 1 damage is great…using Calico’s Blood next turn to get that life back makes it even better.

The Rogue has a big number of 4 damage attack abilities.  This one deals damage ignoring armor. However, this comes with a price - you need to return the class to your class dock.

This card has a couple more requirements than Evasion, but you take no damage, and deal 2 to your opponent…making it the biggest damage reversal in the game.

At the first glance, reducing only 2 damage may feel a bit too little. However, the amazing additional effect prohibiting your opponent to use defense cards next turn makes this card a very good combo card for the next turn attack with powerful attack abilities.

Stalker's B
Stalker’s blade is able to block, is unblockable with fast strike and removes for one point. Usually means you have 2 additional points of damage repeatable each turn.

Another of the 4 point damage cards. Having a limitation of no your weapon on the field, this attack ability is widely used in Rogue decks.
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