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Paladin Rogue Righteous Anger defense/turtle

This deck is quite fun and unusual but once you try it i think you will like it. P.S. This is my first entry to wikia.

Classes: Paladin


Trinkets: 4x Righteous Anger

Abilities: 4x Complete Deflect

4x rupture

4x Stiletto

4x Intervention

Spells: 4x Bastion of hope (but can be 2x)

4x Light Stupor

1x Pida's Spire

1x Sign of Lyncis

Weapons: 4x Excalibur

4x Sundthra's Dagger

4x Zephyr Blade


4x Golden Armor

1x Rogue armor of choice and/or Soft Leather Vest

This deck plays two ways. Most obvious is to drop either Golden Armor and/or Righteous Anger with Paladin then morph over. Since you can play defense abilities when in rogue, the tempo is not lost too often (although against aggro rogue you need to get a few heals for life points.) begin to drop rupture and the "turtle offense" takes place. 4 damage per action phase is excellent. If for some reason they are blocking thse with armor, stay at paladin and drop the 4x excalibur. This weapon should withstand an average monk, and work wonders against most except perhaps a 3 resistance armor. Those are the two ways that this deck is used. re: if questions.

P.S. if you are running out of cards, you can add additional 5x cards, probably defense abilities or small weapons.