Comparison TableEdit


Rank Average Card Example
Weapon Strength: 7 of 8
Armor Strength: 7 of 8
Action Phase: 1 of 8
Defensive Spells/Abilities: 3 of 8
Card Draw: 7 of 8

Rankings encompass overall strengths of each class in a given category in an overall sense, meaning that power/ retaliation, damage, defense and any additional effects are all considered in determining each classes rank in each category.

Rankings are based on x out of 8, to compare each class in relation with the other 7 classes directly, with 1 being the lowest rank and 8 being the highest rank, (Ex. the Gladiator has the best weapons and armor overall out of all 8 classes, considering all factors listed above, so they score an 8 of 8 in both categories).

Specialty: Equipping Phase-Fast Strike and Deck Search MasterEdit

The Knight can play weapons and armor which bend normal equip rules including rebuild, card draw and instant equips. Once on the field, many of those weapons further bend normal attack rules with abilities such as Fast Strike, Spectral and Unblockable. You will find some of the best shields in the game belong to this class with many having additional effect benefits. Limited Action phase mostly focuses on manipulating your opponent capabilities, or as a secondary phase for Usage cards. On defense, if you have a shield in play, you can use some abilities to redirect damage from yourself to your shield, very useful against Strike cards and Unblockable weapons. Card draw is very prevalent for Knight. You can set up your deck to draw extra cards on most equips and game phases if you focus your strategy in that direction. The Knight’s game plan is to use his very strong weapons and armor more surgically than the Gladiator. What they lose to Gladiator in brute force, they make up for in the cunning ways in which they strike and defend.

Spotlight: Knight CardsEdit

3/3 One-handed Fast Strike sword is the staple of any K deck since it can easily be buffed.

With little second phase offense available, this one often hits for 6-8 damage. A very good finisher.

This high value rare can snowball into the biggest weapon in the game once you get it going.

Loyal B
Opponent destroyed your favourite weapon? Running out of armors and your last one was just desroyed? No problem, this card will return it on top of your deck and next turn you will get it back.

The original armor bypass protector, and still the best. At 0/4, this provides excellent protection while negating tricky bypass attempts.

Volcanic Shield
Pair Knight’s array of swords with this for offensive and defensive buffs for 3 turns. Makes your swords deadlier and harder to destroy.

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