Comparison TableEdit


Rank Average Card Example
Weapon Strength: 8 of 8 Halberd
Armor Strength: 8 of 8 Plate Mail
Action Phase: 2 of 8 Stomp
Defensive Spells/Abilities: 2 of 8 Resist
Card Draw: 3 of 8 Selling the Loot

Rankings encompass overall strengths of each class in a given category in an overall sense, meaning that power/ retaliation, damage, defense and any additional effects are all considered in determining each classes rank in each category.

Rankings are based on x out of 8, to compare each class in relation with the other 7 classes directly, with 1 being the lowest rank and 8 being the highest rank, (Ex. the Gladiator has the best weapons and armor overall out of all 8 classes, considering all factors listed above, so they score an 8 of 8 in both categories).

Specialty: Weapons, Armor and Weapon Boosting MasterEdit

Best class in the game if you want big weapons and armors. Can easily equip 5/4 weapons if you’re willing to pay a LP (life point) or two for it. Has many armor options at 5 and above, with the most options of retaliation damage for armors in the game. Weak during the “second phase” or Action Phase, not many options here, and all of the options that they do have include heavy drawbacks. Aside from his impressive selection of assorted armor, the only other defense Gladiator’s have are a few counters for the opponent’s attack spells/abilities which will cost you dearly in LP to use. The brute class in the game is not very intelligent, so you’ll be mostly drawing only the card you start the turn with in the Gladiator class with almost no cards available to increase your card drawing power. A weapon class deck, with little in the way of surprises, the Gladiator’s game plan is to push their weight around on the battlefield…if your opponent is standing toe to toe with a weapon and armor based battle plan, they will soon find out why Gladiators rule in the arena.

Spotlight: Gladiator CardsEdit

5/3 for 1 LP, this is about the best basic staple weapon around with its huge power and solid resistance.

Demon armor
1/7 Armor for 2 LP…One of the best armors in the game today, is very tough and chips away at opposing weapons.

For a class that is equip dependant, Impervious is insurance against anti-equip classes.

Relinquish mail
At the first glance the draw back of this card is very bad. "What? Card discard? I do not want that." But look at Sickle down below, check the number of weapon buffs activated by transmute effect and you will see really nice possibilities of using this armor.

4/2 without life loss, opponent can not used defense cards while your weapon attack. This card gives some nice chances for Gladiator to even beat a Monk.

Sickle is just well….Sick! 4/4 Unblockable not only goes well with G to break that end game stall out, but also combos beautifully in hybrids decks with high discard yields.
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