Match field looks the following:

Match field

Both you and your opponent start with 20 life and 5 cards in hand.

The playfield is split into 2 fields: your and opponent.

Each of the playfields has 5 slots for:

  • class card
  • weapon and/or artifact (2 hands)
  • armor (body)
  • trinket.

To the left of your playfield there is your deck. Number of cards left in deck is shown inside the circle close to the deck. To the right is discard pile. By clicking on the cards in discard pile you can see what cards are already in discard pile (or which cards opponent used if clicking on his discard pile). Number of cards in discard pile is shown inside the clircle close to the discard pile.

Opponent's field is arranged same as your but only as in mirror reflection.

Accept/skip button is located in top left corner.

Turn timer is located between your and opponent fields (in the form of triangle).

Beside your and opponent icons you can see player levels and player ratings.

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