Currently, there are 1514 different cards in Ederon divided into 4 rarities:

  • common cards
  • uncommon cards
  • rare cards
  • very rare cards

Rarity can be seen by looking at symbol showing the expansion from which the card is (see images below).

Common cards Edit

Common cards are marked by black symbol showing the expansion (inside red circle):

Scale m1

There are 729 different commons in Ederon, including:

  • 8 class cards in 4 different arts styles
  • 235 abilities
  • 184 spells
  • 39 trinkets
  • 123 weapons
  • 64 artifacts
  • 52 armors

Commons serve a few purposes. Commons are often some of the most basic cards, allowing a player to build a sound deck without having to get or spend too much gold. Occasionally, there are commons that have larger effects, but difficult or awkward drawbacks that can make them less ideal than similar cards of higher rarity.

Uncommon cards Edit

Uncommon cards are marked by white symbol showing the expansion (inside red circle):


There are 466 different uncommons in Ederon, including:

  • 116 abilities
  • 108 spells
  • 32 trinkets
  • 109 weapons
  • 67 artifacts
  • 34 armors

Uncommon cards are better than average cards. Some are basic, while some only minutely differ from basic cards, but often more ideal than those basic cards. Like commons, some cards may have large effects, but have intermediate drawbacks to work with.

Rare cards Edit

Rare cards are marked by golden symbol showing the expansion (inside red circle):


There are 261 different rares in Ederon, including:

  • 58 abilities
  • 59 spells
  • 22 trinkets
  • 74 weapons
  • 37 artifacts
  • 11 armors

Rares are some of the best cards. Most cards are not basic, and some can be quite complex. Rares often have large effects with drawbacks that can be easier to build around than commons or uncommons.

Very rare cards Edit

Very rare cards are marked by dark golden symbol showing the expansion (inside red circle):


Very rare cards are truly hard to get. The chance of getting a very rare card instead of a rare card in 10-cards booster is 0,9%. The chance of getting a very rare card in a mystery card is below 0,1%.

There are 58 different very rares in Ederon, including:

  • 13 abilities
  • 15 spells
  • 5 trinkets
  • 17 weapons
  • 6 artifacts
  • 2 armors

Very rares are the best cards out there. Some are very easy to use, while some can be really powerful in a complex strategy. Most very rares have easy drawbacks compared to their powerful effects.

There is no top deck consisting only of very rare cards. Some good/top decks have 1-2 very rares, some have 4-8. A good/top deck is composed of cards of all rarities, including commons.

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