While some may look at Apprentice as the 9th class of Ederon, it is actually the lack of a class. At the beginning of every match all players start as the Apprentice class and have the option to equip a different class that turn.

Comparison TableEdit


Average Card Example
Weapon Strength: Harpoon
Armor Strength: Studded Armor
Action Phase: Suppression
Defensive Spells/Abilities: Blur
Card Draw: Fanatacism

Specialty: Instant Morphing & Lockout (Class Change Prevention) Edit

The Apprentice class strives to be every one of the 8 other classes which is why you will see many cards usable by a class as well as Apprentice (for example: Iron Mace.) While many of the Apprentice cards are generally weaker than their class counterparts, the Apprentice is able to prevent the loss of a turn while changing classes through specialized Weapons (Vindi Dagger), Trinkets (Amulet of Birth) as well as Usage Spells (Revelation) & Abilities (Resurrection.)

However since the Apprentice class a Jack of all Trades, but Master of None, it is quite jealous of the other 8 classes. Hence why the Apprentice's strongest focus is in removing an opponent's class and then preventing them from re-equipping their class, thus Locking them out of their class and preventing them from using their cards.

Spotlight: Apprentice CardsEdit

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